Some information about SBI locker facility

Most people prefer to use bank storage lockers to keep their valuables safe. State Bank of India – SBI offers the facility for safe deposit locker at most of its branches across India.

Here is some information about the locker facility given by the SBI.

  1. To avail the locker facility, users have to pay annual rental in advance. The amount of rent depends on the size of the lockers and location of the branch. Customers also need to pay a onetime registration fee.

  2. Customers also need to complete the KYC - Know your customer formalities to avail the lockers.

  3. Lockers come with a nomination feature that allows family members to access a locker.
  4. Locker facility cannot be allotted to minors not even jointly with others.

  5. If the locker is not accessed for more than one year, the branch has the right to cancel the allotment of the locker.

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