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World's 5 safest places to travel around in with a disability

Travelling should be fun and hassle-free for everyone, whether or not you have a disability. Of course, there are some things to keep in mind like accessibility issues or checking if some places are too crowded, but avoiding travel completely is absolutely not a good idea!

So, if you are looking for a travel destination, here are five safest places to consider.

  • Barcelona, Spain - Spain's national tourism authority has worked hard to create a city that is great when it comes to accessible travel. There is even an Accessible Barcelona website to help you plan easier. All the buses in Barcelona are wheelchair-accessible and the city is working on doing the same for their metro stations. Some of the attractions are a queue-jump service for wheelchair-users. Many offer free entry too. Streets are flat and free of cobblestones so mobility is smooth.
  • Melbourne, Australia - All cities in Australia are quite accessible for people with a disability. Melbourne has a slight edge as the public transport system is highly accessible. Also, many tourist attractions like parks have been adapted to suit the needs of disabled visitors. Melbourne also has Australia's first disability-friendly hot-air balloon ride over the city! Need we say more?
  • San Diego, United States - San Diego is among the top accessible cities in the U.S. There is a fully accessible tram system, with generally flat sidewalks all round. There are beach wheelchairs so you can enjoy going to the beach we well.
  • Seattle, U.S. - Seattle was named as the best city in the U.S for wheelchair access. Every public transport option here is wheelchair-friendly, including water ferries, buses and light rail. The Space Needle, which is one of the star attractions in the city, is accessible as well. There is an electronic stairlift that takes wheelchair-users up and down safely. Other accessible attractions include Seattle Aquarium, the first Starbucks coffee shop, and Olympic Sculpture Park.
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia - The city is largely flat and pedestrian-friendly so its easy to get around. One of the biggest attractions, Ljubljana Castle, can be accessed via a wheelchair-accessible funicular which is free for all disabled travellers and their companions. Many restaurants, hotels and attractions also display a Disability Friendly certificate if they have met the accessibility criteria of Slovenia.

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