Bijnor in Uttar Pradesh to open 2 schools for children with disabilities

For the first time, Bijnor in Uttar Pradesh is set to open two schools for special children with physical, vision, speech and hearing disabilities. Each school will enrol 100 students. These will be residential schools and the children will be taught for free.

Until now, the children had been attending basic government schools where there were no arrangements for their needs. Now for the first time, these students will be taught Braille and how to communicate through sign language.

The school buildings are ready. The proposals for such schools was made two years ago. In 2017, money was released for the construction of the buildings.

The schools have been built in Manjhera Sakaru and Nazamatput Ganj. They are to be inaugurated in July. No staff has been hired so far. To begin with, a special camp will be run. At a later stage, classes will begin.

In the absence of special schools, 100 children with various disabilities, between 7 to 15 years, are being taught at two accelerated learning camps. In all, there are over 5,000 students with special needs studying in government primary and upper primary schools in the district. Due to lack of adequate teaching methods to cater to their needs, these children are unable to follow their lessons.

The idea is to first select students who are unable to grasp common teaching methods. A medical camp will be held and doctors will decide the ability of the children. Expert staff will be appointed for teaching at these schools.

Girls with disabilities will be given Rs 250 each per month as scholarship. Those children with disabilities who are unable to attend school will be provided transport allowance of Rs 500 a month.

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