Find out all about smell blindness!

When you are too involved in a task, you can sometimes miss out on the sounds and sights right next to you. This happens to many people. Well, now a new study says that when a person is too involved in this way, they also miss out on smells close to them.

Experts are calling this condition, Inattentional smell blindness or inattentional anosmia.

For the study, researchers put a few people inside a room which smelt strongly on coffee. Most of the participants were fully engaged in some activity or the other. They ended up missing out on the aroma of the coffee, which is rather strong.

This is even though the sense of smell in a human being is more animalistic and basic as compared to the other senses.

So the next time you plan to bake a cake as a surprise for someone, you know how to distract them!

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