A matrimonial meet to help people with disabilities find love & partnership

Finding a partner for life is hard for everyone. A partner who shares your values, your struggles, and fits in your family is a tall order. It’s an even bigger challenge for people with disabilities in India, who face greater stigma and resistance, even within their own families.

A barrier that the Udaan Empowerment Trust is trying to help people with disabilities overcome. Come 9 June, the trust is hosting a Matrimonial Gathering for Persons with Disabilities, in partnership with Silver Linings.

The meet is being held in New Delhi from 11 am to 5 pm at a venue near Goal Market. Details are available at the Radio Udaan website.

Radio Udaan, which is a flagship project of the Udaan Empowerment Trust, has been helping disabled people find life partners through their broadcast shows. So far, the shows have helped connect six couples in marriage.

It was the success of these shows, that led the trust to think of hosting the matrimonial meet.

Our efforts have helped six couples find soulmates and lead them to matrimony. They were very thankful to Radio Udaan and their optimistic words encouraged us to come up with the Udaan Matrimonial Gathering for persons with disabilities! – Danish Mahajan, Member, Radio Udaan

Strong response

The response to the meet has been quite encouraging. Over 80 people with disabilities have sent their profiles so far from all parts of India. Only those who visit the gathering will have access to the profiles to make sure the details are secure.

The good news is that we are not going to hand over the profiles to the attendees. One can read the profiles only if they are present in the gathering. Nobody is going to take the profiles home from this matrimonial get-together – Danish Mahajan, Member, Radio Udaan

The profiles received are from people in a range of professions like teaching to medicine and law. These are people with both talent and financial independence who are yet to find life partners.

The gathering is a welcome opportunity to meet and interact in a safe space. Something that is truly rare and unique.

Those interested in being a part of this meet can fill out details in this form - https://radioudaan.com/matrimonial-form/

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