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Microsoft's Seeing AI app can detect Indian currency notes for blind users

June 8, 2018

Modern technology has benefitted disabled people in many ways. New apps and assistive technology devices have enhanced the lives of disabled people.

Technology giant Microsoft had introduced a talking camera app 'Seeing AI' for blind people last July. Now, this app can detect Indian currency notes and even narrate denominations to the user! The government had introduced new notes ever since the demonetization in 2016. The app can identify all notes including the recent ones as well.

Blind people often find it hard to identify currency notes and coins, especially the new ones. 'Seeing AI' app supports five different currency notes including British pound, United States and Canadian Dollars, Euro and the Indian currency.

According to Microsoft, the app has completed five million tasks for more than 30,000 users ever since its launch in July last year!

Microsoft is also launching other new technologies to improve lives of disabled people across the world. They are also running initiatives in the broader healthcare space.

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