Free wheelchair basketball camp organized in Bengaluru has few takers

Bengaluru is gearing up to host the National Para games for para athletes by the end of June. This event is equivalent to the National Games. But are para athletes really getting ready for this huge event?

Recently, the Wheelchair Basketball Federation of India (WBFI) organized a free training camp to in order to select players for the 2019 Wheelchair Basketball World Championship. But there were hardly any participants for the event!

According to the organizers, a notice about the camp were sent to more than 300 NGO’s and colleges across India. Organizers believe that very few turned up due to the lack of awareness about the game, and the mental block about their disabilities.

An official from WBFI said that they are aiming to create awareness on prejudices against disability in India. Wheelchair basketball is a way to raise self-esteem and quality life of players. It helps a person to stay fit and also opens new opportunities.

WBFI will organize a free wheelchair basketball camp for women in Chennai towards the end of June.

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