Human Books event attracts hundreds of Hyderabadis!

Every human being has a different tale to tell. There are life stories of love, pain and sacrifice. And the story of every human on earth is different!

Hyderabad hosted a Human Books talk last Sunday. The event was attended by more than 500 people from different walks of life. Disabled people, para athletes, LGBQT activists, poets, cancer survivors, sexual abuse survivors, and artists attended the event. And they all had unique and inspirational tales to share!

The main aim of the event was to bust stereotypes by sharing stories. A person who is depressed and low in life due to circumstances must know that they are not alone in their struggle.

Readers who attended the event selected books of their choice from a catalogue listed at the entrance of the venue before proceeding to listen to people in one of the packed halls of the venue.

Vyjayanti Vasantha Mogli, a famous transgender activist was a speaker at the event. Mogli stressed on how the government and private sectors must join hands in order to make lives of a transgender better.

Dharmana Shanmukha Rao is a para cyclist from Hyderabad who lost his leg in an accident in the year 2013. He spoke about how he overcame his disability to become a successful para cyclist.

Sugandh Rakha is an engineer with an IT firm in Hyderabad. Rakha spoke about how he overcame autism. He is now running a channel in a popular video sharing website to inspire people suffering from autism.

The inspiring tales of strong people motivated many others who attended the event. An organizer from the Human Library event said that this is the highest turn out they have received in spite of organizing similar events for over a year now!

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