Declared unfit for regular schools, boy with autism scores 83% in board exams

People with autism are known for their ability to focus. 15-year-old Rudraksh exemplifies that. This young boy, who was diagnosed with autism at a young age, has walked away with 83% in the recent class 10 board exams. Remarkable given that he was declared not fit for regular schools.

Rudraksh, who studies at the G D Goenka Public School in Gurugram, says that his teachers helped him to complete the syllabus on time. They also did many revisions. Rudraksh cut himself off from social media and TV for a few months before the exam as well. The only relaxation he had was swimming for an hour every day.

Rudrakh wants to become a computer science professional and knows a lot about Artificial Intelligence and machines. His mother says he is a role model for everyone in the family.

Rudraksh is not just good at studies but also at swimming. He has represented his school in several competitions. He has also completed the 10 km marathon.

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