Ahmedabad Police get serious about ensuring security of senior citizens

The Police Commissioner of Ahmedabad, A K Singh, has taken an informal initiative to take care of senior citizens. He and his team make time for a few minutes to call up senior citizens, to ask how they are.

This is after a report showed the plight of the elderly in most urban homes. They are subjected to abuse of one or the other form by their children or caretakers.

The study was done among 2,480 senior citizens in Ahmedabad. It showed that 40% of senior citizens were subjected to verbal abuse. In a few cases, nearly 12% also faced physical abuse.

Another common problem us that financial abuse, where children or caretakers harass their parents over property and other issues. Many of the elderly are fighting court battles with their relatives over this.

Experts have called for stronger laws as well tougher law enforcement measures to address this issue.

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