3 couple claim to be parents of deaf and speech impaired girl Geeta

While deaf-and-speech impaired girl Geeta is all set to get married, three couples have come forward claiming that they are her parents.

The three families have contacted the authorities stating that Geeta is their long lost child.

One couple from Nashik in Maharashtra and two couples from Uttar Pradesh are now making claims that need to be verified. Earlier the government had tried to trace the parents of Geeta without any success.

Indore-based sign language expert Gyanendra Purohit is helping and guiding Geeta at present in finding her parents and getting married.

Preparations are being done for the wedding of Geeta. The external affairs ministry of India has taken the responsibility of getting her married and a Swayamwar is being held for her.

Geeta will chose her life partner from 14 candidates shortlisted by her and the administration. She has met a few of the suitors that wish to marry her.

Geeta had returned from Pakistan in 2015 after living there for several years. Geeta was found alone on the train, Samjhauta Express, at Lahore when she was seven or eight years old.

A Karachi-based NGO called Edhi Foundation took care of her while she lived in Pakistan.

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