Metro Cash&Carry in Hyderabad sets an example by hiring 28 disabled people!

Many employers are often hesitant to hire disabled people into their workforce. Even if they prove their skills and talents, employers have to think twice before hiring a disabled candidate! Metro Cash&Carry India, a company based out of Hyderabad, is setting an example by hiring disabled people into their workforce.

Metro Cash & Carry India is a business wholesaler company that caters to hotels, traders, restaurants, cafes, officers and institutions across India. They have hired 28 people who are hearing and speech impaired for their stores in Hyderabad. They are even looking into adding towards their disabled workforce!

In order to promote this inclusion in workforce, Metro Cash & Carry partnered with two local NGOs, Disability Rights Promotion International (DRPI) and Youth4Jobs that are based out of Hyderabad. Those who are hired have already been given training by the company.

An official from Metro Cash & Carry said that they are overwhelmed by the hard work, productivity and determination of the disabled candidates who are hired. Most of them are employed in non-technical jobs. All the perks that are given to employers with no disabilities will be given to the newly hired disabled candidates as well.

The officials are aiming at employing 100 disabled people in their workforce in another six months.

Companies across India must follow this initiative by Metro Cash & Carry to promote inclusion!

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