Google's free wi-fi now available in 400 railway stations across India

In 2016, technology giant Google and Indian Railways joined hands to provide free wi-fi in all the busy railway stations across India. They successfully implemented this initiative in over 300 railway stations across the country. Now, Google has installed free wi-fi at the Dibrugargh railway station in Assam which will be the 400th station to host free wi-fi!

This free wi-fi initiative was started off under the government's Digital India programme in 2016. An official from Google said that their main aim was to provide high speed connectivity to millions of Indians who frequent railway stations across the country on a daily basis. Such a project is necessary for countries aiming at a growing economy.

Free wi-fi services are provided under the name Railwire. Users can access 30 minutes of free wi-fi, and can consume 350MB of data per session.

An official from RailTel said that this service has benefitted many users across India.

Google is now looking into providing free wi-fi services to people who are outside railway stations as well.

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