Only 4 teachers for 2800 disabled children at Budgam in Jammu & Kashmir, parents cry foul

There are thousands of government and private schools in India. But how many of them cater to disabled children? Over the years, surveys have confirmed the sad reality that India has very few good schools for disabled children.

The current state of disabled children at Budgam, a district in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) is the ideal example.

According to reports, there are nearly 2,800 disabled children in the district. There are only four specialised teachers to cater to all these children!

Inclusive education is one of the most highlighted parts in the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009. Parents and students are concerned as to why there are no facilities for disabled children in this district at J&K. Locals have also raised complaints that Budgam has no exclusive schools for disabled children.

Last year, the Ministry of Human Resource Development had issued directions that teachers who are not specialised in special education will not be given any benefits by the government. This made things worse. Many of them left with only four specialised teachers.

Parents say that they are not able to provide quality education to their children due to the insensitivity of the government. Every child deserves the right to education. Unless the government takes strict measures to hire specialised teachers in Budgam, disabled children in this district will have to stay in the dark for years to come.

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