Inclusive expedition to Kilimanjaro in trouble for lack of sponsors

An expedition to Kilimanjaro that aims to bring together disabled and able-bodied people together to change attitudes is struggling for lack of sponsors.

The person organizing the expedition, Anusha Subramanian, wants to lead a team of seven, including two persons with disabilities, to the top of Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. However, she is facing a lot of problems.

The height of Kilimanjaro is 20,000 feet and it is an extreme altitude mountain trek, and not very technically demanding. So, taking disabled people along is not a worry. What is becoming a worry, though, is the lack of finances.

So far Subramanian has not been able to find sponsors for the nearly Rs 22 lakh that is needed for the trip. Emails to at 20 companies have gone unanswered and appeals to friends have been ignored.

Subramanian started her company, SummitingForHope in 2013 to give back to the adventure community. She has committed to one large expedition for a cause every year.

In 2016, her organisation tied up with Adventure Beyond Barriers Foundation (ABBF), which promotes inclusive adventure sports. This means trips that include persons with disability and without disability.

In 2017, she participated in ABBF’s first inclusive Manali-Khardungla tandem cycling expedition, which raised around ₹1.55 lakh to help persons with disabilities who could not afford to pay to join the expedition. She plans to crowdsource ₹5 lakh for ABBF to take persons with disability from underprivileged backgrounds on a trek in the Himalayas.

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