Disabled professor from Amritsar all set to teach driving to people with disabilities!

People with disabilities have always proved that they can do remarkable things. That too, independently. Are disabled people able to drive? 36 year old Anita Sharma proves that disability is never a hindrance to chase your dreams and to even drive you own car.

This professor from the Indian Institute of Management in Amritsar is geared up to take a driving class for disabled people in her city!

Anita was affected by polio when she was hardly six months old. She was given polio drops when she had high fever, and the drops reacted. Ever since then, Anita has 64% disability in her legs.

This young lady says that learning to drive a car made her independent and happy. Earlier, she had to depend on her family members to go somewhere. Now, she has her own customized car that she uses to travel around the city. Anita has been driving since 2009.

Anita wants to make disabled people feel independent. She will also guide them on how they need to customise their car according to their disability. Anita will focus on elderly females as driving instructors usually gets irritated while teaching them!

Anita’s driving classes will be held in Amritsar from 20 to 30 June. But the classes are not free. Anita asserts that disabled people does not need charity. They must take pride in themselves. Money earned from the classes will go towards distributing free wheelchairs for the needy!

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