This blogger is reminding fashion brands that people with disabilities exist!

It’s rare to see someone with a disability in the world of fashion. There are few, if any fashion brands, that feature a model with a disability in a positive way. Something wheelchair user Sophie Bradbury-Cox, also known as fashionbellee on Instagram, is trying to change.

30-year-old Sophie loves colour and chooses bold, bright colours to make a powerful statement. A statement the she hopes to motivate other wheelchair users into wearing what makes them happy.

Sophie uses a wheelchair as she has spinal muscular atrophy type three. This means her muscles are extremely weak and she cannot walk or stand. Sophie wants to work in the fashion industry but is currently employed as an administrator for a financial adviser.

By sharing her passion for fashion she hopes to push for change for all other fashion-lovers with disabilities. She wants to start her own clothing line for disabled people, particularly people in wheelchairs.

Sophie also hopes to push the fashion industry to becoming inclusive one day. She wants to remind brands that people with disabilities exist and would love to wear good clothing.

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