Prepare your vehicles for the monsoon

The monsoons are in full swing in many parts of India and will remain so for several months now.

Are you prepared for the rains! You must have taken out the umbrellas, raincoats and waterproof jackets! For people who use cars to move around, monsoons bring difficulties.

Here are a few tips to prepare your vehicles for the rainy season.

  1. Ensure that the tyres have a good amount of tread to avoid slipping on the wet road. Old tyres lose their treads and cannot make a grip on the roads.

  2. Make sure to get the electrical works in the vehicle checked properly. Lose wires can short-circuit when they come in contact with water.

  3. Heavy rains can affect the visibility and vehicle lights need to be used more often. Get the lights checked and use good quality parts. Headlights and tail-lamps should be cleaned to give maximum brightness.

  4. Get the brakes checked so that they can be applied swiftly. Replace the faulty brake-pedal foot pad if it has become too slippery.

  5. The windscreen should be clean as dust and dirt in rains affect the visibility.

  6. Check to make sure that the wipers are working properly. If not then get them repaired.

  7. Get the vehicle checked for any type of leakage as that can cause problems during heavy rainfall.

  8. Keep a monsoon kit ready in the car. This should include clothes, umbrella, a torch, extra fuses, headlamp and tail-lamp bulbs, a small tool kit, a tyre inflator and an extra wiper blades.

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