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Tips for people with low vision

June 10, 2018

Low vision affects a large number of people. Age and certain medical conditions can cause the vision to reduce, making simple tasks challenging.

Here are some ideas to cope with low vision in day to day life.

  1. Use proper lightening to see things more clearly.

  2. Keep a torch handy with you for use in low lighted areas.

  3. While reading, use a magnifying glass to see the text in bigger size.

  4. Bring the paper closer to the eyes to see well.

  5. If you have a condition such as macular degeneration, it affects the central vision. You can try and learn to look slightly above, below, or to the side of an object you're trying to see. This is known as eccentric viewing.

  6. Instead of writing down, you can record the info in your mobile phone.

  7. There are softwares that can be used to access information online.

  8. Voice activated mobile phone applications can be used for navigation.

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