Aspiring Kerala football player struggles to build a home after suffering paralysis

Saneesh Babu used to be a star football player in the Kerala University team until an accident on the field changed his life.

He was left paralysed on the right side of the body and was forced to give up what he loved the most - football.

Saneesh's entry into professional level football happened when he was 12 years old. He saw an advertisement in a local newspaper, which called for interested footballers to take part in a selection camp. Saneesh was chosen for the Kerala sub-junior team after one year of coaching. After he finished class 10 he shifted to Thiruvananthapuram to train at the Kerala State Sports Council.

His brilliant football skills got him scholarships in the institutions he was studying in and after he finished school, he was chosen for the Mahindra United junior football team in Mumbai where he played for over a year.

Saneesh then went on to represent the Kerala University football team. A career that was progressing brilliantly was cut short in 2012 when he was playing against a team from Tamil Nadu.

A player from the opposite team was kicking the ball in front of Saneesh when his boot struck his head. Saneesh developed a blood clot in his brain and spent a month in hospital on ventilator. He was partially paralysed and developed poor vision.

He was devastated when he was told he would never play football again. He was also not able to study as his admission was through sports quota. He was forced to drop football and his studies.

After hearing about his condition, his former coach got him a job as an assistant administrator at the Munnar High Altitude Training Centre.

He is also trying to build a house for himself and his family. Saneesh needs Rs 8 lakh, of which he has been able to raise only Rs one lakh. Many organizations have promised to help Saneesh.

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