Delhi University admission process turns nightmare for disabled students

Disabled students who are applying for post graduate courses in Delhi University (DU) are having a tough time. Most of them did not know that entrance exams are happening online. Now, with the joining dates coming up soon, these students are finding it hard to go ahead with the admission process. The campus is now flooded with disabled students who have queries.

A parent of a disabled student said that the online admission test was not mentioned anywhere in the admission forms.

However, the Delhi University has denied this. It says that along with the extra time option given to disabled students in the admission form, there was also a mention that entrance exams would take place online.

Blind candidates have also been affected. One of the blind students applying this year said that she has to figure out how to take the online entrance exams. It has become extremely difficult for her to go ahead with the process.

DU officials say blind candidates can take the help of a scribe to take the online exams.

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