Always carry these things with you during summer

Summer season brings health problems as sweat and pollution help in spreading of diseases.

It is important to care for your skin, eyes, and health during the summer season. To make sure that hygine and care is taken when you are out of the house, certain things can be carried with you.

  1. Carry a hand sanitizer with you as there is lot of sweat generation in summers. Even if you do not sweat, other people may leave their sweat on stuff such as chairs, tables, door handles. Germs grow faster in hot weather and a hand sanitizer can help keep your hands clean.

  2. It is important to keep smelling fresh in summer. Some people have a very bad smelling sweat and that is very off putting. Carry a perfume or deodorant with you or better keep one in your workplace.

  3. Always carry dark glasses when stepping out in the sun. Harmful bright rays of the sun can damage eyes. Also carry a scarf or cap to cover head when out.

  4. Carry a small water bottle with you. We feel thirstier in hot season and the loss of water from body in the form of sweat dehydrates the body. You can take regular sips from the bottle throughout the day.

  5. Apply and carry a sunscreen on face, neck, arms and hands before going out in sunlight. Also carry a small bottle of sunscreen for application.

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