Delay in prison release leads to rising depression levels among Chennai convicts

Depression is becoming a serious problem in Chennai prisons. There are 1.754 convicts shortlisted for release, but the delay in actually getting out of jail has led many of them getting into depression.

Which makes the Tamil Nadu government's recent announcement a welcome one. The state government has said that it will release 67 life convicts this week. This will help many convicts get over their depression.

Prison officials say there has been a sudden rise in prisoners facing psychiatric problems in recent times. This indicates they are under great stress and mental agony, caused by the uncertainty over their release.

The government order has brought great hope to many hundreds of convicts lodged in nine central prisons for men and three special prisons for women in the state. The superintendents of the prisons have submitted the case histories and judgment copies along with the probation officers’ reports for each of the 1,753 convicts to the state government.

Many prisoners had packed their bags and were eagerly waiting to get out of prisons on 25 February. They have been waiting for over three months now. Many have ended up as psychiatric patients as they could not take it anymore.

Officials at some of the prisons have been counselling life convicts to be patient.

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