Rules for dating a colleague

It is common for coworkers or colleagues to get attracted to each other since they spend a lot of time together at work.

Most offices have a policy against romantic relationships between coworkers as it may affect the work environment.

However, if your office does not have rules against falling in love with a coworkers, there are still some unwritten rules that should be considered.

  1. Do check with the HR in your office before you initiate a relationship to ensure that you are not breaking any company rules.

  2. Make sure that the coworker you are interested in also feels the same. Do not assume a liking just because a coworker is friendly or smiles at you. They may not be single and if you propose without checking, things can get awkward.

  3. Do not become over romantic. It is better to be good friends first.

  4. If the relation does not work out, it can make both of you uncomfortable in the work place. Make sure that you understand that a relation should not affect your job and quality of work.

  5. Do not rush into a relation. Take it slow and take time to sort through the priorities in life. Your job comes first and that should not be affected.

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