Delhi will soon own an exclusive police museum!

India hosts hundreds of museums across the country. Many of them are world-famous as well. But is there an exclusive museum for the police department in India?

Delhi will soon get an exclusive police museum! The museum which will be owned by the central government will be located at Lutyen’s in New Delhi.

The museum will showcase history, artefacts, uniforms and gear of central and state police forces from across India.

The central armed police force (CAPFs), central police organisations and state police forces have already been asked to collect their exclusive historical documents, monuments, weapons and uniforms. These will be displayed at the museum.

Brass insignia, ceremonial and operational head gears and uniforms, batons, belts, distinctive photographs of dog squads, mounted columns and old copies of the Indian Police Act have already been collected.

Pictures and details of popular police woman force from across India, clippings of historical importance, wireless, communication equipments and police medals are a few of the other things that will be displayed at the museum.

A senior official from police department said that the museum will be open to public by 21 October. It will be inaugurated by either Prime Minister Narendra Modi or Home Minister Rajnath Singh.

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