Providing sex education in schools is only way to curb sexual violence in minors, says expert

India is witnessing a drastic rise in sexual violence against women and children across the country. Even minors turn culprits in many cases of sexual violence and molestation. How can the country come together to bring down these crime rates? Studies assert that it can be done only through awareness and education.

Experts point out that adding sex education to school curriculums is one of the ideal ways to bring down crime rates amongst minors. Over the years, child’s rights activists and experts have been pointing this out. But the government has not yet taken any action to curb the crime rates or better the situation in India.

An official from an NGO that works towards child welfare says that sex education is extremely important. It helps the victim to identify the crime, report it and not feel ashamed or bad about it!

An expert psychologist points out that sex education must be implemented on children above ten years of age. That is the age when the child develops and has a better insight about what is happening around them. Parents must also come forward to provide their children with good sex education.

Sex education must not be seen as a means to solve curiosity amongst teenagers. It should be taken up as a serious topic of discussion. Children must be made sensitive towards the topic and must be able to understand and appreciate gender differences.

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