Exhibition of handicrafts made by disabled people in Chennai

The Sarva Mangala Vihar Trust recently organised a handicrafts and art exhibition in Chennai.

The handicrafts featured in the exhibit had been created by people with disabilities. The show was held at Teynampet in Chennai and got a very positive response.

Around 100 people visited the exhibit to see the efforts of the people with disabilities.

The art work included items made from waste wood to make coat hangers, trays and candle stands. Crafts such as book-making, gardening, block printing and many others were also there.

The exhibit was part of the Sarva Mangala Vihar Trust’s vision to help the disabled people lead an independent life. The trust is aiming to create a residential community where people with disabilities can stay peacefully and support each other.

The trust is also hoping to create a market for the products made by the disabled people.

This will help sell the art work and generate revenue for the financial freedom of people with disabilities.

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