The Save app will help save people from heart attacks!

Earlier, only the elderly used to be affected by heart diseases and heart attacks. In today’s world, heart attacks have become very common amongst the younger generation as well. When a person is affected by this deadly disease, they need immediate medical care. But how many of us will be able to manage alone when a sudden attack occurs?

That is when the Save app comes to your rescue. This app will teach patients how to recognise symptoms of a heart attack and to also call for emergency help. Hence, the patient can immediately call for an ambulance when they have an attack. This timely act can save their life!

Experts point out that most of the times, people die of heart attacks because they do not get immediate medical help. The first few hours of getting an attack are crucial. If help does not reach the patient during that time, their life is at risk. Save app is ideal during such situations!

Save app uses the avtar of a nurse named Cora. This avtar teaches patients about symptoms of an attack and what to do when they occur.

The app has already been used on many patients who are prone to heart attacks. It has turned out to be successful as well.

Developers of the app are trying to teach Cora 144 languages from across the globe so that the app can cater to more people!

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