High noise pollution levels cause hypertension and headaches, says new study

Heavy noises and sound pollution has become an inevitable part of our lives. It has become very common that we do not even realise the harmful effects that they cause to our health. Did you know that our regular headaches, sleep disturbances, aggressive behaviour and constant stress are caused due to noise pollution?

Experts point out that the natural rhythm of our lives are affected by such sounds that are a daily part our lives. Loud music, television, cars honking and people chattering are things that we hear every day. Even electrical appliances that we use at home can cause damage to our ears. They have an extremely bad effect on your health.

Constant exposure to sound can affect our ear drums. It can even lead to hearing loss!

Loud noises can even cause high blood pressure and increases the heart rate by disrupting the normal flow of blood. This in turn leads to hypertension and other such diseases.

Experts say that it is very difficult to escape from noise pollution due to urbanization of cities and towns. Health problems are on a rise for people living in cities when compared to those living in rural areas.

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