Secondhand smoke can increase risk of hearing loss in children, says experts

A person need not be a direct smoker in order to experience the harmful effects of smoking. A passive smoker also undergoes the same plight that a regular smoker does! It can get worse in new born babies and children who inhale smoke from their parents or other smokers in their family. A new study points out that second hand smoke can even lead to hearing loss in children!

A group of researchers from Japan assert that smoking habits of a parent can have drastic effects on the utero and even first few months of the child after it’s birth.

These experts conducted the research on children who are below three years of age. Out of this, some were exposed to cigarette smoke while inside the womb of the mother. Others were exposed to smoke right after birth. Children were made to undergo a whispering hearing test. Researchers arrived at this conclusion after the results came out.

Researchers also point out that children of mother’s who used to smoke, were also under the risk of hearing loss. Preventing the exposure to smoke is the ideal way to help prevent risk of hearing loss in the child.

Hearing is important for language development, communication and other skills. Protecting your child from smoke is important to give them a quality life.

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