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Looking beyond skin deep - A photo series fights stigma against people with albinism & other conditions

June 13, 2018

Everyone likes to say that beauty is more than skin deep, but few really believe that. Peter DeVito, a 20-year-old photographer, is trying to change that.

His recent collection features people with vitiligo, albinism, freckles, and birthmarks in an attempt to fight the stigma against them.

All the people featured in the series have used letter stickers to imprint questions or statements that are often asked from them. These are questions like - 'Are you a ghost?', 'What's the matter with your skin?', etc. The subjects have responded to the questions in written essays of their own, which are shared besides each portrait.

Among the people featured is top model Diandra Forrest, who has albinism. She has written alongside her picture,

I am fierce, funny, compassionate, and nurturing. These are some qualities that matter most - Diandra Forrest, Model

Another model Amy Deanna, who has a skin condition called vitilligo, had a comment on her skin that says - 'No one will marry you with that skin'. To which Amy responded,

I love myself despite [my] Vitiligo and if you can't then you don't deserve me. I will never apologize for being me - Amy Deanna

DeVito says his aim is to empower more people and to help normalize skin conditions. He decided to create the campaign because he wanted to do something to empower voices that go underrepresented in the fashion industry.

The industry seems to be responding to change as well with new fashion campaigns celebrating models with skin conditions. More people are using social media to embrace what they once would be hidden.

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