Tripura gears up to identify disabled voters in the state

Almost all the states across India are on the way to follow inclusion in elections by ensuring that disabled voters also take part in elections. Latest to join the list is Tripura, a state in north-east of India.

According to the department of social welfare and social education, more than 80,000 disabled people live in this small state. The election commission is trying to rope in more than 51,000 people to vote in the upcoming elections.

An official from the election commission said that it is high time that disabled people also take part in elections in the state. Authorities are taking the correct count of disabled people living in the state.

Last year, they were able to identify only 8000 people. 51,000 disabled people who are registered under various disabilities were eligible to vote.

The election commission also plan to introduce Braille enable voter slips so that blind people can also take part in elections.

Authorities claim that they do not want to leave any stone unturned in order to ensure that disabled people participate in the voting process at Tripura.

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