Why is it important to talk about mental health?

Mental health is not given much importance in India. People feel that talking about mental health shows weakness. This has made mental issues a growing epidemic which is being ignored due to stigma.

Feeling alone and not being able to talk about your mental issues can cause extreme depression. Many people tend to take their own lives as their depression becomes severe.

There is a huge need for creating awareness about mental health problems.

Here are some benefits of talking about mental health

  1. By sharing our inner thoughts, we feel lighter and supported. This helps us get out of the web of sadness and depression. Talking to others about mental issues will help you put the problem in words. This naturally makes you feel better and in control of thoughts. Being able to discuss the issues will help you feel stronger.

  2. More conversations about mental health will break the stigma that surrounds it in our society. Talking about the issues can create awareness about the problem. When few people break the stigma, more people feel encouraged to open up.

  3. Conversations are the best way to tackle issues related to the mental health. By talking about depression, solutions can be discovered and help can be sought in time.

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