Tips to keep your debit cards safe

Indian government is promoting the use of digital money over cash.

This means that more people are now making online payment using various methods such as wallets, UPI, credit and debit cards or netbanking.

The one thing that worries all of us when we pay using our debit cards is fraud or cyber fraud.

Here are some things to consider when you use debit cards.

  1. Keep a track of your debit card usage regularly.

  2. Check the messages that you receive from the bank whenever the card transaction takes place.

  3. Ensure that the amount debited from your account matches the spending and is not more than what you wished to pay.

  4. Do not share the card details with other people. The misuse of the card can be avoided by keeping the card safe with you.

  5. ATM receipts should be destroyed after the transactions for safety.

  6. There is a limit on the daily spending on the debit card that does not allow you to go overboard. Keep yourself informed about the debit card transaction charges and limits to get the maximum benefits of cashless transactions.

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