Disabled women have lower pregnancy rate, says IIPH report

The Indian Institute of Public Health-IIPH has released a report regarding the related to health of women with disabilities.

The reports states that women with disabilities have a lower pregnancy rate compared to women without a disability.

IIPH is based in Hyderabad and the study was conducted South Asia Center for Disability Inclusive Development and Research - SACDIR in Sangareddy, Bidar.

The study was done on 571 women aged between 15-45 years and included 247 women with a disability, 324women without a disability.

The study also indicates that women with disability have a higher risk of diseases such as diabetes and depression.

The research estimates that 15% of the world's population is living with disability. The reports also states that a majority of people with disabilities live a life of financial stress and poverty.

IIPH and the Nossal Institute for Global health, Australia and completed the study and it was funded by CBM -Christoffel Blinden Mission.

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