Over 60% false applications received in Pilibhit for disability pension

The disabled empowerment department in Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh have found a shocking truth behind disability pension scheme applications.

The Pilibhit centre for disabled empowerment receives applications from disabled people regarding pension scheme for people with disability.

However, the department recently found out that more than 60% applications filed online were not genuine.

It was found that most of the applicants were either not disabled or had given false income certificates.

The authorities will now take action against the people who are involved in the issuing of false disability certificates.

The survey of the physically disabled people was conducted in the year 2011 in the region.

Pilibhit district has the data of 34,000 disabled people under different categories of disability. Out of these, 22,654 people are receiving the disabled pension.

The online application system was started in July 2017 and the authorities now suspect that most of the applicants are not fit to receive the pension.

In the rural areas 139 applications of the total 454 cases filed online were found unfit for pension.

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