What is mental disability?

Mental disability is a condition that can hit a child during birth or maybe even later on in life. Some children develop intellectually slower than their peers. Such children are also diagnosed with mental disability. They sit, crawl and walk late when compared to their peers.

More than 3% of children in India are diagnosed with mental disabilities. Even slow learners are mentally disabled. But they can still manage with lesser live supportive equipments. Mental disability is caused by chromosomal differences such as Down Syndrome, Fragile X Syndrome and Prader-Willli Syndrome.

Here are 3 symptoms of mental disability in a child

Behaves young for their age

Mentally disabled children have slower motor, language and self-help skills. This makes them behave younger than other children of their age.

Lacks intellectual and social development

A child who is diagnosed with a mental disability will not know how to behave according to what society expects them to! Their social behaviour will be backwards. They might even end up in awkward situations.

Slow learners

Mentally disabled children are often slow learners. It takes quite a bit of patience, care and understanding to teach them new things. If you put them in a school, they will take months to grasp new lessons and activities.

With the love and support of loved ones, mentally disabled children can learn and experience new things in life. They are just as precious and sesitive as any other child!

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