Clubfoot puts thousands of Indian kids at risk of permanent disability, more awareness needed

Given timely treatment, clubfoot can be treated, yet this birth defect leaves many kids in India at risk of permanent disability.

Clubfoot is a condition in which a baby is born with one or both feet rotated inwards and downwards. One of the feet may even be smaller than the other. Thousands of children in India live with clubfoot merely because of lack of awareness about how to treat this condition.

The B J Wadia Hospital in Mumbai has one of the few clinics in India that specialises in clubfoot disease. In the past seven years, experts here have treated more than 1,000 children affected by clubfoot. What is amazing is that they witnessed a 95% success rate.

Doctors at the clinic say that nearly 3,700 children in Maharashtra alone are at the risk of permanent disability due to clubfoot.

The reasons why a child develops clubfoot are still not very clear. However, the good news is that when timely treatment, clubfoot can be treated and cured. Otherwise, the child is left with a permanent disability.

The hospital recently held a Clubfoot Awareness Day where programmes and awareness sessions for parents were held.

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