In a rare gesture, couple donate home to Kerala government for a shelter for women with mental disabilities

Few people think of extending a helping hand to the rest of the world when they are battling a personal crisis. Which makes this gesture of N Kamalasan and wife C K Sarojini truly special.

This elderly couple have a daughter with a mental disability. Naturally, like many parents in their situation, they are worried about how daughter Priya will cope when they are no more.

Priya is 37 years old and her parents do not wish to leave her under the care of relatives after they die. This led the couple to come up with a unique decision.

They have given one of their houses to the government of Kerala to be converted into a facility where Priya and other women with mental disabilities can live.

The offer has been accepted by the Kerala Social Welfare Department. They have taken over the property at Kollam district in Thiruvananthapuram. The market value of the property is estimated to be around Rs three crore.

The house will be renovated to accommodate at least 50 women, including Priya.

Priya’s parents want the shelter to be named after her. It is to be called Priya Home for Mentally Challenged Women.

Not only that, the couple have willed all their properties to the government to be used for the rehabilitation of people with intellectual disabilities.

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