Calcium gets deposited in brain due to smoking and diabetes, says new study

In today’s world, smoking is undoubtedly one of the worst habits followed by youngsters. A recent study has found out that people who smoke or have diabetes are at the risk of various other diseases including dementia and Alzheimer’s. According to reports, millions of people from across the world are affected by dementia.

Smoking and diabetes leads to abnormal deposits of calcium in the brain. They deposit in that part of the brain called hippocampus which is extremely important for short term and long term memory of the brain. Smoking and diabetes are a reason for various cardiovascular diseases as well.

The deposits of calcium can lead to hippocampal atrophy and subsequent cognitive deterioration. Experts point out that this can affect mainly the elderly. This will also bring down the quality of their life during old age.

Researchers also studied in detail about the cardiovascular risk factors like high blood pressure, diabetes and smoking and hippocampal calcifications and their relations.

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