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Say hello to Chetan Korada, world's only disabled driver who refuses to drive a modified car!

Double amputee Chetan Korada is going down roads that no one other disabled person in the world has travelled so far. Korada is not only the world's first disabled race driver to win races and even a series, he refuses to drive adapted cars!

Achieving this milestone has been a hard journey. Korada was less than two years old when he was fitted for his first pair of prosthetics. He would get fitted with new prosthetics every year or two and his legs would bleed until they adjusted to the new devices.

31-year-old Korada was amputated below the knees soon after birth because of a bone defect. Despite the pan of coping with new prosthetics, he has pursued training relentlessly and has become a leading race car driver over the last 10 years.

He just finished the Formula Masters track in Malaysia in preparation for two upcoming international races. These are the MRF Challenge in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Bahrain in November 2018, and a Southeast Asia Pacific series in July.

Korada, who lives in Chennai, has been winning regularly since 2009 when he was the second runner-up in the JK Tyre Junior National Championship.

Korada is not the world's first disabled driver to participate in such a high-risk sport. Britain's Nicolas Hamilton who has cerebral palsy, has participated in championships. So has 19-year-old double amputee Billy Monger. However, Korada is the only one to have made it to the podium in rallies. he is also the only one who does not drive modified vehicles.

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