Scoot Airlines accused of being insensitive towards needs of a family with a special needs child

Yet another case of an airline being insensitive to a disabled passenger has been reported. This time its about Singapore Airlines' low-cost airline Scoot.

Singapore residents Divya George, her husband and five-year-old daughter were going for a three-day vacation to Phuket on Thursday when they told to disembark by the captain.

This was after the family wanted to fly with the child seated on the mother's lap, instead of sitting on a separate seat. The captain of the plane refused to fly unless the family agreed to do so, alleges the mother, Divya.

Divya, who is from Kerala, says her five-year-old daughter has muscular dystrophy and cannot sit by herself as she cannot balance herself. Divya said that other airlines had allowed the family to travel with the child on their lap. She would be given an infant seat belt for safety.

The mother has said that even though she explained that the child would fall off if she sat on her own, the captain refused to understand.

The family refused to deplane, and stayed on board for more than an hour. There were heated arguments with the crew, after which the plane took off. However, the crew did not provide them with an infant seat belt.

The child finally had to sit on her own with the parents holding her on either side.

Singapore Airlines has said that the airlines did not have a policy of refusing to fly with a special needs child.

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