Delhi government slammed for treating disabled people as non-existent by High Court

Is public transport in India accessible to the needs of disabled people and the elderly? Far from it. The reality is that authorities mostly neglect the needs and requirements of disabled people while planning transport systems.

This was highlighted by the Delhi High Court which has come down strongly on the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government in New Delhi for being insensitive towards the needs of disabled people in the state while planning transportation systems.

A bench of justices at the Delhi High Court pointed out that the AAP government treats disabled people as non-existent. The Delhi government had planned to buy new low-floor buses for public transport, even though it has been pointed out to them that these are not accessible to disabled people.

The Delhi High Court has strongly criticised the AAP government for totally disregarding the needs of disabled people. It said this while hearing a petition filed by disabled rights activist, Nipun Malhotra. Malhotra had filed a petition against the AAP government's move to order 1,000 low-floor buses.

The court agreed that by ordering these buses, the government was guilty of violating the Rights of Persons With Disabilities Act, 2016.

The Delhi government has argued that only 10% of the buses need to be disabled-friendly. The High Court disagreed and said that disabled people must be treated on par with others.

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