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Mozilla working on a Internet browser that could be controlled by your voice

This is great news for people who are blind and visually impaired! Firefox maker Mozilla is working on a new type of internet browser that is controlled with your voice. This means that in the future a voice-controlled browser will be capable of reading you an online article.

The project is called Scout app and was announced at a company talk.

A voice-controlled browser could open up the Internet to even more people, especially those people with disabilities that might prevent them from having access.

For instance, a person with impaired vision could benefit from using their voice to search the web. They will not need to be able to look at a display directly.

It will also help those who are not comfortable using technology like the elderly who may not know how to use a computer or type. A voice controlled browser would be very convenient for them,

In 2017, Mozilla launched Common Voice, which is a project for crowdsourcing audio recordings from the public. The goal was to collect 10,000 hours of audio to improve speech recognition from for voice-powered apps. It's possible the Scout app could be born out of this voice database.

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