Solo backpacker on wheelchair is on a never ending adventure

Eamon Wood is on a journey across the world in his wheelchair and he needs no one to escort him.

Wood has been using the wheelchair since the age of around four years. His lower spinal cord was permanently damaged in a car accident.

He had initially decided to backpack through the 250 kilometres from Miami, Florida to Key West in USA. However, his adventurous nature took over and he decided to follow an unplanned route.

His almost four month’s long solo journey has taken him on the cycle trail through Miami, Florida.

Wood has been busy trying new things all through his life and always challenged his own abilities.

Wood is from New Zealand and has represented the country in wheelchair tennis and basketball. He is also the first wheelchair using person to complete an apprenticeship in engineering.

Last year he travelled to the United Kingdom and has also backpacked through Europe. Wood pushes his wheelchair all through the day till he gets tired and then takes some rest.

He meets people and most of them are helpful and encouraging. Wood works for some time and saves money, then he again leaves off on another adventure.

He is not deterred by lack of wheelchair accessible places and always tries to find a way to go on.

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