Senior Kerala cop removed from post after daughter assaulted driver

A senior Kerala police officer has been transferred from his post after his daughter was accused of misbehaving with an official driver.

The driver was in the service of the Assistant Director General of Police (ADGP) and has claimed that the daughter of the senior officer assaulted him.

As per reports, the woman hit him with her mobile phone when he had gone to pick her for a morning walk. The driver is now being treated at the Medical College hospital in Thiruvananthapuram.

A police complaint was filed by the driver and a counter complaint has also been made by the police officer’s daughter. The woman has complained that the driver harassed her.

However, once the driver filed the complaint, more junior staff members also came forward with complaints against the family members of the senior officer.

It seems that the cop’s family has a history of misbehavior with the junior staff. Following the new information, the ADGP has been removed from his post and a new posting is yet to be issued for him.

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