Caregivers of disabled people must be given awareness, says experts

Recently, twins who are mentally disabled were brutally killed by their uncle at Hyderabad. The reason he said was that the twins were a burden to the family. The incident shocked the entire country. Authorities are now looking into how care giving can be made easier for caregivers of disabled people and elderly.

Experts point out that caregivers are not given enough support by government or welfare organizations. This makes it more difficult for them, especially those who are from economically backward families. There are different policies for caregivers. But most of them are unaware of it.

Disabled people are provided with a pension of Rs 1500 along with travel concession. Most of them are aware of only such policies.

Recently, mother of a 7 year old child with cerebral palsy says that she is not able to work because she has to focus on her child the entire day. Also, the income of her husband alone is not sufficient for the family.

Experts tell that caregivers must be made aware of benefits and schemes. They must also be given awareness programmes so that they can make lives and disabled people better.