Indian railways to construct escalators for stations with footfall of over 1 lakh

Tired of climbing long and steep stairs at your nearby railway station? Do you know a disabled or elderly person whose travel is affected due to inaccessible railway stations? Here is some good news for you. Indian railways will soon build escalators at busy railway stations across the country. But these new escalators will be provided only at stations with a footfall of over 1 lakh every day!

An official from Indian railways said that they are looking into the latest guidelines and trying to implement this at the earliest. Construction of an escalator costs up to nearly Rs 1 crore. Indian railways have to look into ways to cut down the cost and make this more economical.

The government had earlier planned for the escalators at busy railway stations with footfall of over 25,000 every day. But it did not become fruitful. But with the requirement for an escalator being urgent, railway officials are trying to get this done at the earliest to make travel easier for disabled people and elderly.

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