Marsha Elle, amputee & upcoming singer is inspiring thousands with her body positive image

She is two studio music albums old, but singer and songwriter Marsha Elle is attracting thousands of fans on Instagram as a role model about body-positivity.

In just one week, Marsha's followers on Instagram jumped from 12,000 to nearly 18,000. This is because her photo by the beach in a swimsuit with her full-length prosthetic leg visible has made her a powerful symbol.

So much so that actress Jada Pinkett Smith reposted Marsha's image with the caption - “Beauty”.

Others fans also posted comments.

Absolutely beautiful, nothing makes me happier than seeing people live their truth, I just started living mine and it feels pretty damn good. Thank you for the inspiration gorgeous - Marsha's Instagram fan


You are beautiful and brave, your strength gives me strength - Marsha's Instagram fan

25-year-old Marsha is a congenital amputee. She was born with Proximal Femoral Focal Deficiency (PFFD). This is a rare, non-hereditary condition that affects the pelvis, especially the hip bone and the proximal femur bone. This causes the leg to under-develop while in the uterus.

However, Marsha's disability is empowering to her and for many others who are inspired by her.

As a child, Marsha struggled to accept herself completely. To make sure strangers do not stare at her, her mother would dress her in such a way that her prosthetic leg was covered. As she grew older, Marsha wore baggy clothes so she would not be bullied in school.

It was Marsha's decision to pursue her childhood dream of being a singer-songwriter that led her to gradually embrace her for who she is.

For her first album, Champion, she decided it was time to expose her disability to the world. She decided to showcase her prosthetic, which was hard. But going ahead with it made her feel brave.

Since then, Marsha has reached thousands of people with her inspiring lyrics and story. She has released many music videos and plans to graduate as a nurse practitioner while also following her passion for music.

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