Dietary changes can help improve lives of people with autism in a big way, says study

Simply removing certain foods from the diet can dramatically change the lives of people with autism! This is according to a new study by a team at the Arizona State University in the United States.

The study looked at how diet can influence specific signs as well as the general quality of life of those with autism. It did this by changing the diets of 67 children and adults with autism and following their progress over the course of one year through a range of tests.

The tests ranged from blood tests that looked into different nutrition markers to muscle strength tests to non-verbal IQ tests.

The study found that eliminating certain foods, particularly those with gluten, soy and casein, which is the main protein found in dairy, led to major improvements in non-verbal IQ test performance. This was also paired with a multivitamin and some other interventions, like epsom salt baths.

Apart from general health improvements, a seven-point increase in non-verbal IQ was noticed. There was also an 18-month increase in the average developmental age.

It is rare to see any dietary change cause such large improvements in test performance. The team is also looking closely into the signs of autism and gut health. This is because many people with autism also show significant differences and deficiencies in gut bacteria.

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